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We always knew the BMW X2 could handle a bit more power and now BMW has gone and proved that it can by launching the X2 M35i. Oddly, the M35i is not powered by BMW's famous turbocharged six-cylinder, but rather the brand's most powerful 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine ever. It delivers a maximum [...]
Mon, Sep 10, 2018
Leisure Wheels
Mitsubishi is well-known for listening to customer feedback and improving their cars accordingly. The latest model to receive some upgrades is the Pajero Sport. “We continuously conduct market research to determine how the Mitsubishi Motors designers and engineers could improve the driving experience of our range of vehicles, hence strengthening our [...]
Fri, Sep 07, 2018
Leisure Wheels
We have always known Bridgestone was a premium performance tyre brand and now, the world seems to know it too, as this exceptional tyre manufacturer was named the Global Number 1 Tyre Brand by Tire Business 2017, based on sales. This isn't just an unfounded title as Bridgestone has consistency [...]
Wed, Sep 05, 2018
Leisure Wheels
What is aquaplaning and how do you avoid it? Whether you're in Cape Town and simply praying for more rain or heading into the spring rains of Gauteng, wet weather and getting traction out of your tyres is always going to be a challenge. The good news is, we are here [...]
Tue, Sep 04, 2018
Leisure Wheels
Ralph Waldo Emerson was once quoted as saying, “Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art,” and the Velar is certainly a thing of beauty. Capitalising on the striking allure of this new offering the brilliant minds at Land Rover decided that such a unique piece of art [...]
Thu, Mar 08, 2018
Land Rover Africa Magazine
Old Series Land Rovers are incredibly versatile vehicles. Just ask Mel Henderson and her Nelly. Nelly, the 1977 Series 3, has been topless, worn a bikini top, and had her sliding door-top windows on and off with both those options. Now she is proudly showing off her ‘new' hardtop canopy, [...]
Wed, Feb 07, 2018
Land Rover Africa Magazine