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ubers in car shopping service now sells way more than just snacks cargo uber
CargoNext time you take an Uber, don't be surprised if the driver nudges the conversation toward talk of, say, Amazon's smart speakers or Apple's AirPods. OK, it might simply be idle chit-chat, but it could also be the beginnings of a gentle sales pitch. Why? Because Uber has just expanded its [...]
Thu, Jul 18, 2019
Digital Trends
zero dollar car
As exciting as it is to buy a new car — err, at least one that's new to you — the process of finding and purchasing any vehicle can be a bit of a headache. No one enjoys a high-pressure salesman breathing down their neck, trying to get them to [...]
Wed, Jul 17, 2019
Digital Trends
Emojis have taken over our online conversations. We use them to tell our friends how we're feeling, which country we're traveling to, what we're eating for dinner, or what we've got planned for the weekend. There is no way to announce to the online world that we're driving a pickup [...]
Wed, Jul 17, 2019
Digital Trends
2019 Jaguar I-Pace First Drive
Ronan Glon/Digital TrendsThere are two basic types of car transmissions in the world: Automatic and manual. Both channel the power generated by the engine to the drive wheels. With the notable exception of a continuously variable transmission (CVT), a transmission — also called a gearbox — is an oil-filled metal case [...]
Wed, Jul 17, 2019
Digital Trends
2018 toyota 4runner specs release date price performance trd off road premium 01
The new car market is shifting towards high-riding crossovers and SUVs, and many of the most popular models in these booming segments come with either all- or four-wheel drive. These two terms are often used interchangeably. They're similar in the sense that, ultimately, they refer to technology that channels the [...]
Wed, Jul 17, 2019
Digital Trends
3d printed lamborghini aventador powered by a corvette v8 sterling backus lambo build
Sterling BackusColorado physicist Sterling Backus has leveraged technology and creativity to put an Aventador S in his garage without sending Lamborghini a $400,000 check. Working with his son, he is in the process of making the supercar from scratch using 3D-printed panels and used parts purchased online. Backus launched the project [...]
Wed, Jul 17, 2019
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